Rule VUR1 conformation

It says in rule VUR1 that robots must be smaller than 24" x 24" x 24". Were the numbers changed from 18" x 18" x 18"?

VEXU never used the size limit 18". Previously the rule was teams were allowed 1 24" inch cube and 1 15" cube on the field but that was changed to only the 24" robot.

So in short, the rule is correct. Games are played 1 robot vs 1 robot, and the robots are larger than would be allowed in HS.

If I could add my opinion, I would say that the 1 V 1 plan for Vex U is a horrible idea. If you look at games like Skyrise and what teams were able to do just in autonomous because they knew who their partner was, it was incredible. I think two robots really gives teams a way to strategize and be incredibly creative in ways 1V1 cant.

Welcome to the club.


But playing devils advocate, the Vex U community isn’t doing so hot. Focusing on one robot will help level the skill gap between new teams (which is desperately needed), and veteran teams. Additionally, it makes it much easier for a college to start a new team, since the cost for parts, shipping, decorating, as well as the time for designing and building is cut in half. Anyhow, this is beginning to sidetrack

I liked that the Vex U teams could build two robots. I was hoping that there would be some rules that would allow better communication between the two robots.

While I loved the 1v1 on the TSA version of Clean Sweep, not so much love this year for VEXU 1V1. But it’s early in the rules season, could be that the 1V1 is a typo and will get fixed in the August update.

It definitely is not a typo.

Not a typo. Just a different take. I think it is quite helpful to switch to a 1v1 format because without communication (which of all good forms is illegal) 2v2 autonomous had to be planned by hand to avoid collisions. I hope this year in autonomous we see a lot of adapting to objects on the field and adaptive autonomous routines. The center wall is very conducive to it.

It’s only early June, the toner is still wet on the document. :slight_smile: While 1V1 “could” be a welcome change, I’d still like to see a way for the robots to communicate with each other. Allow IR LED and sensors or low energy bluetooth, there is a serial port, let them talk! Need to do a protocol that masks out the other robots transmissions, but that is on the teams. Other team jabbering too much? , work out how to get around it.

I look at VEXU as the way to say “can this work” before it gets moved down to the EDR/IQ groups. VEXU did some cool sheet plastic stuff that’s shown up in EDR. I’ve seen great stuff with the 3D printing in VEXU, hoping that this year’s creations will convince RECF to allow printing for EDR.

We send our best and brightest off to University and they get on VEXU teams, lets get them to really push the envelope.

I agree this was one of the cool things I always wanted to work on someday. I hope they bring the buddy system back.