Rulebook error?

Is the last photo (fig.17) scoring a green cube on the high position wrong? It looks like its touching the field perimeter so shouldnt score, but it doesnt say that… Im assuming it should say something like “ a green cube contacting the platform and the field perimeter, so doesnt score”

Wondered about that too, unless it is hanging beyond the perimeter and not touching. But it’s hard to tell

exactly, and there’s no example of a non scoring cube, which is why I think this is one, but the description has just been mistyped. :slight_smile:

Spotted that earlier, I think you are right.
The wording of the rule is clear in itself but that diagram is misleading.

On p14 of the Field Appendix, it shows the tall Platform closest to the starting positions to be 5 1/2" [241.3mm] from floor. Converting 241.3mm to inches yields 9.5", which is consistent with the game manual. I believe this is a typo in the Field Appendix.


i saw that too… 9.5 inches makes sense

From my understanding, the cube needs to touch the tower, but not the floor or field perimeter. The cube is almost touching the wall, but is just hanging over and only touching the platform, therefore it is scored.