Rulebook Question Skyrise

Hi everyone,

I’ve been reading up on the rules of Skyrise and have found them very helpful. However, my team was wondering today at the meet if there was a specific limit to the number of Skyrise cubes the robot could pick up at the time. I’ve scanned through the specific rules for this year’s game, but have not been able to find anything regarding this. If it’s just not listed in the rulebook we’'l take it that there is no limit…

We are considering 3 cubes as a maximum if rules do not prevent us from doing it, are there more suggestions for cube intake amount?


There are no rules around the amount of cubes you can hold just skyrise pieces, so it would be very fine to build something that would hold 3, the only problem is the sizing and fitting the cubes on to your robot, you will need some form of extension to hold that many.

Thanks a lot!

Basically (as a good rule of thumb for the future), if there is no rule specifically preventing something it is probably legal, if it is within reason, always use common sense <G1>.

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This covers it

Haha Kevin, thanks! Thats all I need to crack my team up if we ever get annoyed at each other!������������������