Rules for fence Starstruck

Can you go under the fence. The rule book doesn’t day anything about it. The video just said that it would keep the bots on their own sides. If you have a small enough bot though could you go underneath and push Stars/Cubes to the far zone? Just wondering because the difference between being able to go under or not changes the game and strats completely.

No you cant

It said that you can’t touch any of the tiles that are your scoring zones, you can be on the other side as long as you arent touching the ground.

sooooooooo flying robots

still game changing.

Just to add to the consensus…yes you can reach over or through the fence, but you cannot touch the actual tiles on the other side.

Does anyone know when you hang on the pole if the robot is allowed to be touching the pole at all?

Wait what??? How would you hang on the pole without touching it???

It has to touch the pole or it doesnt count.

That’s the only part that you’re allowed to touch.

I still dont understand how you could possibly hang on the pole without touching it

Sorry i mean obviously a claw has to hang on it but better worded can another part of the robot be leaning on it cuz in the reveal video only the claw was touching the pole.

Maybe electro-mags

In the real video nothing was touching the pole im fairly certain it was just a graphic

But that’s not really important I understand your question now and yes I believe any part can touch the pole as long as the whole thing is above the height requirement

okay thanks! that’ll make it much easier lol

On a bit of a related note, can anybody clarify exactly how “grappling” works? It’s in the rules that you can’t react against an element on multiple sides, but I was wondering if simply touching the fence along the top would still be considered grappling? Ideally, only the edge of the robot would skim across the top, and while I don’t think the rules would make this illegal, I can imagine that a fence of uncertain quality might break under the weight of a robot.

Can anybody who found a rule I might’ve missed please confirm? Don’t want to be DQ’ed during Autonomous :wink:

Also it says you cannot touch your scoring tiles so the other side of the fence, could you put an arm or mechanism through the fence to play defense?

@EthanL This sounds legal based on the current rules, but you would have to be extremely careful. Touching the inside of the fence could technically be illegal as grasping or grappling with the field, which is prohibited by Rule SG8.

I think over the fence is your best bet.