Rules for knocking down cones

Can you knock down all the cones down at the very start of the match?

Yes, assuming your robot can get to every single cone before any other robot can. But obviously you can’t knock down the opposing match loads.

yes. obviously you want a claw on your team that can pick the knocked down cones up but its a decent counter to the simpler passive intakes and some claws and a mod said it was legal

Knocking down cones is legal; nothing has changed about that.

yeah, I was just clarifying it in case OP didn’t know

That would give you a specific advantage as most robots can’t pick up tipped cones

And even the ones that can would be slowed down. But you probably wouldn’t directly benefit unless you robot was better at picking up tipped cones (@ri3d ripper)

That’s what I was refering to

It would be cool if someone built a robot like ripper that I could actually see at a competition, it would be fun to compete against

I was debating on building a similar system but I don’t have the lexan for it

@BBBcube3.14 It’s pretty cheap on RoboSource
$3 for a 12"x12" sheet I think. I will probably buy some soon for my soon-to-be passive intake and outtake system

I guess where I looked at some last year for a different project it was $35 for 4x4 foot panel

Sounds like a rip off, either that or you were trying to buy some bulletproof plexiglass or something

No, it wasn’t high quality and got scratched up Menards just doesn’t sell it for cheap

I have always been more than happy with the polycarbonate sold by robosource.
In fact, for the past 2yrs we made it a point to give our orders to them and then pick up the stuff during worlds :slight_smile:

And btw, all polycarbonate can be scratched… regardless of how expensive they are…

It was for a table so it wasn’t supposed to get all scratched up