Rules for Noting But Net

how can you score? Do you have to throw the balls in to the net or can you just drop the balls in to the net?

It would take longer to explain it than It is worth. Just look up the game manual and go from there.

There are rules about not expanding height wise so you can;t drop them into the net. It forces you to shoot them into the net.

You also can’t break the plane of the goal area so it will be a little difficult to score from a scoop above the pipe since you will want to naturally go over the pipe then dump. but the going over the pipe is illegal.

Similarly with pushing under the pipe. You can push up to the pipe but getting them all the way under may have you go over the line. Again, illegal.

Sooooo they want you to shoot the ball.

You might have a look at this:

EDIT: link changed thanks to Welshkiwi finding a better link.

I would actually recommend using: instead. This one has Appendix A linked to it as well as the previously released documents. I’m not sure why there are two near identical pages this year.

I agree! I’ve been wondering when they were going to release the field specs! What’s up with the page without them, I wonder. Thanks for catching this!