rules on horizontal reach

Do you know anyone who can verify the rules for the robot size in vexiq Bankshot? My interpretation is that the robots are not supposed to extend past their starting size of 13X20 but can exceed the initial height of 15 inches per rules G3 and R4:
<G3> During the Match, Robots may not expand beyond the 13”x20” area they were limited to at the start of the Match. However, Robots are permitted to expand beyond the 15” height restriction they were limited to at the start of the Match.
<R4> At the start of each Match, the Robot must satisfy the following constraints.
a. Only contact the Floor within a 13” x 13” area b. Fit within a 13” x 20” area, bounded by the Starting Position c. Be no taller than 15”
A Robot may not expand beyond its 13” x 20” starting area constraint at any time during the match. However, Robots are permitted to expand beyond their 15” starting height constraint at any time during the match.

There was a robot at our competition who stretched out over the scoring area and dropped balls directly into the scoring bucket- it looked like it might have reached horizontally at least 23 or 25 inches. There were several teams who said that that robot was not in compliance, but the referee said it was ok. Also, we have questions of adult interaction and legal starting positions. can the wheels face the scoring area or do they need to face the opponent?
Can you point me to someone who can verify these before our next competition on February 19[SUP]th[/SUP] or if there is a vex person who can come help officiate?
Thank you so much for your time.

Hi Suzy,

Many teams have had the same questions and concerns about robots that reach back towards the goal. Check the official Bank Shot Q&A to see what rulings have already been made. Here is other threads regarding that topic: There are also other discussion threads regarding adult interaction.

Regarding the starting orientation of the robot. Robots can be any shape you want with wheels pointing in all directions. So there is no predefined starting orientation for any given robot. The robot just needs to stay within boundaries of the starting zone.

this is going to heat up again this week… just wait.