Rules on Pinning

If a wallbot trapped a robot of the opposite team in their protected zone, would it be considered pinning? The robot that is “pinned” can’t score, but on the other hand, they can freely move.

if they can freely move then i dont think it is considered pinning. would be different if opposing robot interfered with stack in protected zone

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I don’t believe so, as pinning/trapping is constraining a robot to the space of a tile or less


Depends on how much space they had. The definition of trapping is "A Robot is considered trapped if an opposing robot has restricted it in a small, confined area of the field, approximately the size of one foam tile or less, and has not been provided an avenue for escape.
So probably not, if he has more than a tile’s worth of space ten technically it’s not considered trapping.

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this should help

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also how u get stuck in a corner if ur traped out of a corner thats one thing but a lot of walls use the corners u should be able to push them out the way

I agree. I doubt this would happen unless a wallbot was to attach around the field perimeter (which is illegal)

yeah wallbots are meant to keep u OUT of a scoreing zone
unless u could trap 2 bots in a corner that would be good. mabye if u get really big and have a motor lift ur wheels above the chassis of ur bot and put grippy padding on it maybe that ud be ligit but otherwise no chance

Wallbots like the NorCal deign are legal because the scoring zones are larger than one tile in size. And you don’t have to deploy it when robots are in their goal zones. Their main function is to prevent robots from scoring.