Rules Question (Go Pro)

So a team at the competition had a Go Pro mounted to their robot, and I heard unconfirmed rumors that they were using during competition to help line up cubes. What is the legality of this?

Go pros are not vex legal and therefore may only be used as decoration during the match. Using it to line up cubes would therefore be illegal

And there’s something to be said about the weight of the go pro as ballast as well…


Yup, that’s what I said. The OP is saying that it was MORE than a decoration

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It might have been decoration, i just heard a rumor, and was curious

Karthik’s rulings do not apply to Tower Takeover.

With that said, rule <R12>c clarifies OP’s question:

Small cameras are permitted as non-functional decorations, provided that any transmitting functions or wireless communications are disabled. Unusually large cameras being used as ballast are not permitted.


I always thought that once Karthik issued a ruling is was inscribed with golden letters on the white marble tablet and stored inside the deepest cave of the Iron Mountain.

Then it applies to every game for the next millennia as long as the tablets have not been destroyed. Which is about on the same timescale as it takes to get an answer on the new Q&A.


Karthik is unfortunately no longer on the GDC.



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