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What is the ruling if you push a bot into their tower, knocking it down?

Example: The other team has a tray bot and is tilting the tray to stack, can I LEGALLY push them so that their tower falls over?

Yes, as long as they are doing it in the unprotected goal zone and they haven’t yet placed it

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But if it has been placed and you push them into it u are dq’d

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If you push a bot into their tower (I read that as scored cubes) that’s a no-no.

Note the first line… Even if it is accidental and indirect, you will get a DQ.

That’s for protected zone. It is legal as long as they arent considered “stacked”


I’m looking at case B. You can’t contact scored cubes in either zone.

After re-reading:

This is fine as long as it is in the unprotected zone, and the cubes aren’t considered scored yet.

Sorry for misreading.


Just to highlight, the main word here is 'SCORED". If the cubes meet the definition of scored then you can not do anything to knock them over, weather that is bumping the opponent into their stack or anything else. The only way you can push them into their stack, is when they are trying to score in the unprotected zone and they are touching their cubes and the cubes are not scored yet. Then you can bump into them so they might move and knock over their own stack. But you have to be careful because causing a scored stack to be unscored is a DQ.


Yeah, I was thinking about it more, and the whole, “the refs call is final” rule screws me over, because they would (more then likely) not allow me the argue the schematics of the rules.

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If they are touching the cubes, they are considered unscored. You can knock over towers with unscored cubes all you want, as long as their robot was already touching it. If the robot was not touching the cubes and you pushed them into it, you get dq’d because you descored already scored cubes. Either way, the ref’s call is final, thanks @Vex3859.


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