Rules Regarding Trapping

So I was reading through the rules earlier and noticed the following

Trapping - A robot is considered trapped if an opposing robot has constrained it into a small, confined area of the field

Doesn’t this mean that you can technically trap your partner for the whole driver control period if for some reason you don’t want your teammate to win?

In a Nutshell - are throwing matches off to let the other team win allowed?

No; Keeping in mind G1 treat everyone respect which this is not. Consequently getting you DQ’ed for an extreme vilation in my view . On that note what good reason would you wont to purposefully not win a game because you’d also not win.


All Teams are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful and professional manner while competing in VEX Robotics Competition events. If a Team or any of its members (Students or any adults associated with the Team) are disrespectful or uncivil to event staff, volunteers, or fellow competitors, they may be Disqualified from a current or upcoming Match. Team conduct pertaining to may also impact a Team’s eligibility for judged awards. Repeated or extreme violations of could result in a Team being Disqualified from an entire event, depending on the severity of the situation.
Robotics competitions often induce intense, high stress situations. These are good opportunities to model and/or gain experience in handling these situations in a positive and productive manner. It is important that we all exhibit maturity and class when dealing with any difficult situations that may present themselves in both the VEX Robotics Competition and our lives in general. This rule exists alongside the REC Foundation Code of Conduct. Violation of the Code of Conduct can be considered a violation of and can result in Disqualification from a current Match, an upcoming Match, an entire event, or (in extreme cases) an entire competition season. The Code of Conduct can be found at .


So in my qualifiers for worlds last year, there was this school who clapped. They had three robots, and let one with skills while the other win tourney champs. Because of the third bot, they threw the finals game essentially giving the two other robots awards

Before we jump down the rabbit hole of what teams did in the past and what should have happened let us look at the current game.

The REC Foundation published the Code of Conduct.

The first two points are as follows:
• Act with integrity, honesty, and reliability
• Behave in a respectful and professional manner with event staff, volunteers, and fellow competitors

You can show the head ref of the event the code of conduct and then let them work through it instead of trying to solve the issue yourself. The Ref will work with the EP and a local RSM to find the best solution to be had.


You wouldn’t be DQ’d based on that rule, but it’s possible to face much larger punishments such as a season DQ based on the circumstances of the offense.

also, hi

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I will be practical here - it is always difficult to prove that certain team is throwing the match away.

Having the code of conduct is good.
but i will still see it as the responsibility of the teachers and coaches/mentors to ensure that the right values are being passed to the students and their teams are playing the game the right way (sorry… i don’t subscribed to the notion that robotics teachers will only teach robotics).

and for the students who are thinking of throwing matches, then i will want to remind them that it is always a case of once bitten, twice shy. Other teams will remember all these misdeeds… the team or club reputation will be badly affected.
it should never be a win-at-all-cost mentality.

but let’s get the balance right - we also do not want a situation whereby there is a perpetual witch-hunt going around and we started questioning whether is it a deliberate throwing of match or maybe just a simple case of unfortunate things do happen during matches (e.g. loose battery, etc).


If a team wants to cheat it will be very obvious to most people.

Build your robot to win through scoring first and then little defense, depending on opportunity.

Best robots from the past seasons were also great at scoring in skills - this is not a coincidence.

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ref vevo 5

<G3> Use common sense. When reading and applying the various rules in this document, please remember that common sense always applies in the VEX Robotics Competition.


Something slightly different but similar,
Is there any rule against ramming an opponent and pushing them all over the field? I feel overly aggressive when I do this
(I have 4 motor traction drive so I slam everyone else around)

There is nothing illegal about this, as long as you don’t intentionally damage the other robot, or trap them in a small space. For more details, read the game manual.

This would involve intentional entanglement, which is prohibited by <G12>. Pushing them around the field is fine.

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yeah, don’t throw matches. It’s unethical, against the spirit of the game, damages your partners who probably don’t have a say in the matter, will make other teams in your region lose respect for you, and if you’re caught you can face serious punishments.


They didn’t throw, but they didn’t try as hard as they did before.

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