Rules with alliances

So I know and heard about many different alliances. But I am am not and haven’t been on one before. So my question is. Are you allowed to be on multiple. Reason being so I don’t mess my self and team up for potentially getting onto a good alliance but can’t because we already joined another. Also if anyone could name some good alliances for me and recommendations that would also be a lot of help.

Some alliances may have a rule where they will only let you in if they are your only alliance, but I haven’t seen it myself. I’m pretty sure 99% of alliances don’t mind if you are in any other alliances.


Any question with the words “are you allowed” will have it’s answer in the the game manual ( or on the official Q&A.

In this case, the game manual does not address “alliances” as it is not an official part of the game, they are just informal grouping of teams.


can you recategorize this to chit-chat - Alliances are affinity groups (social groupings not in scope of VRC rules)
with their own rules. This not VEX V5 or really VRC “rules”

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^ This,
but keep in mind most will have rules against leaking info that is discussed in the Alliance.


Yah I know it is separate from the actually part of the game but I was meaning what are generally people rules when it comes to alliances.

Yes that would make sense 100%. I just don’t know too much about them

Recategorize this to chit-chat

Just did that
20 char

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Now off the top of my head I know acouple of alliances like TVA, DRow alliance, pacific alliance, and more but are there certain alliances that you might recommend.

Most of the good alliances applications have already closed I believe, but you can go on Instagram and search for alliances. It’s how I found mine or maybe someone will reply offering an alliance.

The only benefit of being in an alliance is clout leaks and stickers. Rules are also different depending on the alliance. They’re just social groups


I would add collaborative discussion and constructive feedback to the list


Although I no longer really affiliate with TVA, their application is rolling but the chances at getting in drastically improves if the bulk of the team is new (i.e. Freshmen or Sophomore VRC teams). They are incredibly open to teams part of other alliances.

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Oh that is good. Because my new team for my high school if basically a freshmen team. Would you recommend them. Or anyone in particular. I just want my team to be the best they can be.

The alliance has an activity policy where teams are monitored on their activity within the alliance. At the moment I think the policy is inactive due to the uncertainty of covid and lack of schools being transparent. That being said I don’t know if now is the right time to join alliances because this problem may last the entire year and the integrity of alliances (not just TVA) are going down.

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Ok yah that would make sense.

heres a list of the ones i can think of:

  • Blitz Alliance
  • Vortex Alliance
  • Texas Vex Alliance
  • Blizzard Alliance
  • Cyclone alliance
  • Diso Bots Alliance
  • The 6alliance
  • Drow Alliance
  • Quantum Alliance
  • Phantom Alliance
  • Dna Alliance
  • Pacific Alliance
  • etc…

There is also
The Short circuit alliance
And Apex alliance


Would you say all of those are pretty good. And if you are going to be in mulitple alliances. What do you think would be a good number. Because you abviously don’t want to be in a ton