Rules with alliances

Apply to alliances you want to join, based either on the members, or just being able to get in. Don’t shoot for being in a certain number of alliances.


Basically what josh said, but I would say join alliances depending on how much you think you will be able to gain from it and contribute as well. I would say the majority of those are amongst the most well known alliances, not sure about the quality of discussion. I’m not in those and have not applied to them, im a member of SCA which I can say is pretty high quality discussion but may be lesser known. While some alliances are a place to gain and give constructive feedback others are pretty much soley for chit chat, social grouping, not much productivity. Really depends on what you are looking to get out of it. But I dont think it can ever harm to be apart of one.

E: I also think alliances can be a nice help at worlds, as you will have connections from those you are apart of. Theres a large range of reasoning behind joining certain alliances. Find the alliances that fit your reasoning


also Gucci and Revolt

Yeah and what are the chances of a middle school team getting on one. (Since I’m on one right now) I wouldn’t get the benefits of teams to align with at worlds but I could learn from them. Maybe I could do it as a single person kinda thing as I’m more invested into vrc than anyone on my team.

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Yah that is what I thought of for the two years in middle school I just did. I bet you could find a way but alliances are more of a team thing I think. Gladly I can start off in highschool now.

Just to be clear, there is a Middle School World Championship and they do…uh…“ally”.

Yah anyways at worlds. Even though in middle school there is only two divisions It still might not be likely at all that you would ally with another team that is in the alliance you are in.

You could always pair against them as well

In Arkansas it’s a just a mess. It’s terrible because not a single top team listens to “Don’t pick me I’m already aligned.” Maybe it’s different at worlds but I wouldn’t know. We swept states eliminations (doubling everyone) being paired with a claw bot that couldn’t even get mid tower. Also not to mention they were seed #1. I’m sure there are good teams at worlds that communicate but I’ve only competed during TT. Also @Calvin_Thrasher there are 4 divisions now.

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Of course it’s not different at worlds. If it’s to your benefit to pick someone, why wouldn’t you?


Blizzard is the 1% but they have some exceptions.

Thought about joining, suppose the application is way past the deadline now?

Unfortunately yes. We’ll probably reopen before worlds 2021 is supposed to be.

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Just wanted to note:
Most of these alliances are not super official, and there aren’t rulebooks or anything, meaning there can be exceptions. If you run into any of these people on alliances at tournaments, if your team is good enough you can just ask to join even after applications are closed. In fact, if your team is really good, then you could start to see alliances asking you to join.


To clarify - NONE of the alliances are “official” as there are NO rules in the Game Manual to sanction them - they are social organizations.


@Calvin_Thrasher, I am not gonna tell a lie, but if I were you I wouldn’t believe that.

There is an appendix to the game manual that @lacsap and other members of the secretive VEX World Coaches Association do not want you to read.

Among other alliance related things it mandates:

  • “A full commitment”
  • That “You know the rules”
  • That you “know the game”
  • Absolutely “No strangers”

This makes it very exclusive and very official. Almost a requirement if you want to make it to the Worlds and don’t want to end up crying.


Very interesting but I noticed on the front page there seems to be a broken link, do you know where it goes to.
Thanks in advanced

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For some reason I was expecting some random alliance’s video not a rickroll…

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I am shocked that the GBB Alliance has not been mentioned. Maybe they have some big plans this coming season that hasn’t been announced yet. :man_shrugging:t2:

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What is the Gbb sand fpe