The entire vex robotics team at my school has a question about scoring. Can someone score under the beam into the low goal? We know that if someone’s robot goes under the beam itself then that team will be disqualified. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Yes, this is a’legal and encouraged strategy’.

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Yes, this is legal.

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It is legal. I hate this rule because people can build a fast wall bot and win the game. This is legal unless the field element becomes damaged. The bar could pop up, but it is legal.

What do you mean by wallbot exactly? Are you talking about a pushbot that covers the full 18 inches?

If so I can’t imagine a robot like that could win any game worth winning.

Hey man, why you got to trash talk our robot’s design. :stuck_out_tongue:

At any reasonably competitive event, this strat would never win unless something went bonkers. There just aren’t enough points to be scored by low goaling. At the events I’ve gone to, scores have been in the high 200’s and even a couple 300s in elims. No way a push or dump bot scores that much alongside good partner.

Especially as it can’t expand its 18 inches outside the climbing zone

In previous years games wallbots could clog the field enough to have your partner have fun scoring all by themselves.

So anti-wallbot rules have been in place since… (like bash away on a wallbot)