Running Programs to Setup Robot on Field

I was wondering if you are allowed to place your robot down on the field before a match, and then run a program where it turns and moves to the correct place/alignment.

Sure you could but I’d be really careful it doesn’t touch any field elements. Just to be safe I wouldn’t because it’s kinda a grey area in the manual. But I’d read through it to make sure.

I also wouldn’t suggest doing this as it will not be as accurate as doing it by hand, as you must set-up the set-up program for the set-up program to work. If you plan to us gps for set-up then I would just do it by hand and use the graphic on the brain to see if it’s in the right spot.


I don’t see why you couldn’t as long as it doesn’t touch game elements or field elements. But why would you? It would be more accurate to just place the robot down, or use a jig for alignment.


Any question with these words in it means we must look at the game manual for the answer. Assuming you have looked at the game manual, would you tell us what rules you think would prohibit you from running a program to set up your robot on the field?

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Potentially G8:

It could be argued that running the program prior to the match could be trying to circumvent the disabled status being sent by the field prior to the start of the match.

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this is legal, teams run programs to reset pistons, retracts deploys, etc all the time before matches. As long as you do this while ur setting up and plug in before the match you wont have an issue.


Good idea, it’s just we’ve had a lot of problems aligning before and I was wondering if running a program would work. Using a jig would be better in this scenario though.

I can’t comment on the legality of it, but I would strongly advise against assuming that you’ll be able to do so. Worlds matches move pretty fast and you will have limited time to set up, and the staff working the event may not permit you to do it before connecting your controller to the field, at which point you’ll be disabled.


I feel like there’s just a slight difference between retracting an arm and physically driving around…

i disagree there would be no difference between the 2 and neither is explicitly prohibited according to the rules book thus making them legal. Personally i dont think running a program to lineup is the best solution but there is nothing stopping you from doing it.

Actually, there is. as Dave mentioned, time.

See section <T4> of the Game Manual

a. Robots must be placed on the field promptly. Repeated failure to do so could result in a violation of .

The exact definition of the term “promptly” is at the discretion of the Head Referee and the Event Partner, who will consider event schedule, previous warnings or delays, etc.

As an EP, I can tell you, if we are running way behind schedule, we will push placing of robots on field quickly and get match started.


If the code were in pre-auton, it would run while the controller is connected. As others have said, a jig is a better bet for consistent placement.


G8 does not apply because the match hasn’t started yet.

I agree that T4 could apply indirectly, in that it does not directly prohibit the action of running a short program (the game manual does not describe potential game strategy), but excessive time during setup might be refused by the head referee.

Remember, the OP question is about legality, not about practicality.


Yeah, it sure is annoying when those pesky little pistons sneak out of their air cylinders and you have to stick them back in, isn’t it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, most likely I will be using a jig for this instead of running an actual program on the field before the match starts.

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Wouldn’t the accuracy of where the robot ended up after your programmed move be dependent on the accuracy of where you placed it before your programmed move? Not sure I see the benefit of placing it, then having a program move it into place.


Not if you use a gps sensors or use a vision sensor to line up to a goal
(Edit: or using the corner of the field to line up the robot and have it drive from there could be more accurate)


Don’t you want to start auton as close to the goal as possible, not way back in the corner?

well, having the robot auto line up from the corner than plugging in the controller to the field control, not starting your auton from the corner (probably best with a holonomic drive)

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Okay, but then you’re basically just suggesting what this entire topic suggested:

That was asked and answered already: