Running skills from the controller

How do one run a program from the controller in the autonomous mode?

So far, we have been using the external comp switch when testing autonomous (timing it manually, or by the code which displays the final time), but the controller UX appears to support a form of timed run, even for autonomous. But when I tried that (Drive->Timed Run or Drive->Competition->Programming skills), it always runs the built-in Drive program. Which is kind of pointless for programming (and anything but clawbot anyway). Am I missing something? Is there a way to configure which program to run? Or some UX workflow that will pre-select the slot, then initiate it from the controller?


You are using V5 right? If using V5 go to:
Programs->your program->timed run->press A.


Yeah, indeed, how could I miss it!
(not really as useful as I wanted it to be (no pre-auton time to prepare your robot), but it would do in a pinch…


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