Running two motors at the same time in auto


We are trying to figure out how to run two motors simultaneously in our autonomous while the robot completes other commands. So far, we are only able to get the two motors running but not the rest of the code. Attached is what we tried last (we are sure it is completely wrong). Thank you!


You need to have a wait command after each action, not a while statement with a timer.

No, this should theoretically work. Non blocking would be better, but this would work.


Do you mean using text? We’re getting there…eventually.

We will try that today. Thank you!

Do you actually want them to run for exactly 10 seconds? Then do a broadcast to another thread to do that. If you want the motors to run until you get to a spot in the code, do this:



Don’t worry about the 15 seconds as well. It won’t be able to cut you off anyway, as it only checks the condition at the end of the loop.

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This worked, thank you!