Running two motors at the same time. vex v5 code

We cant get two motors to run on the same time during autonomous period. have any ideas?

Are you using v5 text? You can use motor_group to pair the motors or just have two statements like so:

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what do you mean motor group?
im using v5 text.

Motor_goup is a way to “make” 2 motors into 1 motor. (Not actually, but it pairs them together in code)

motor_group left= motor_group(FrontLeft, BackLeft);

This code combines the motor into a motor_group called left.
Instead of

You can now use


Do you mean with the new VEXcode update in 1.0.1?

I explain how to run 2 motors simultaneously, how to make motor groups, and drivetrains in this post:

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