Running Vex V5 Pro API through visual studio code

I have been using V5 Pro for our teams programming. I started using header files of my own to write functions for use. The IDE has had problems compiling though. Occasionally it would work, but it seemed random. I put the code back in main.cpp and it worked fine. is the IDE unable to compile if you use your own header files? Did I make a mistake? I would like to use Visual studio code to upload code similar to PROS for this year and switch to PROS next year.

Generally functions do not go in header files but in their own .cpp file with declarations of the functions in the headers. For example, you might write the following in mycode.cpp

myFunction() {
  printf("Hello Jason\n");

with that declared in a header as.

void myFunction(void);

I see, would that cause the compile issues I was having?

all depends on the compile issue, but probably the structure of the project is wrong somehow.


The issue only happens sometimes, it is random, we have changed only text printing and sometimes it works and sometimes not. I would still like to know more about possible issues I may have caused.
Thanks for the advice!
Edit: I would also like to know about the possibility of using visual studio/ code.