RVW Online Challenge Submission Question

Hello Teams!
I am trying to submit a score today for the Robot Virtual Worlds Online Challenge. I have submitted the score successfully according to CS2N. When I view my score, it shows me the correct score, but not the description and files that I included. Attached is the image I see when viewing the submission and I have many questions. Is this normal? Can this be fixed (by either me or CS2N itself)? Does it still count for a submission? Thank you!

I am sorry. I thought I had already attached this. I also came up with another question today - Is there a place that we can view other teams’ submissions?

Also: I am unsure of how to post a reply. On the side of my screen it does have the option to “Post a Reply”. But when I click the button, nothing happens other than it takes me to the last post made. This is why I just edited this post instead.
Thanks for the help!
Programming Skills Submission.PNG

Hi, thanks for including the screen shot. This will help us diagnose the issue. We will get back to you shortly. Stay tuned.

Hi, I’d like to share an update on your questions:

  1. This does appear to be a bug on CS2N, and it is on their list to resolve ASAP. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.
  2. There is no way to view other teams’ submissions, the scores are hidden.

We will update with the bug fix as soon as possible. Thanks!

Thanks for the additional details via message. We were able to track down the bug with the form and fix the problem. Try resubmitting with the attachment and the description again. You should now see everything on the corresponding page. Please let us know if you run into further issues or if you have additional questions.

Good luck!