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Starting to see videos from more tournaments pop up. The young judge near the end explaining the rules doesn’t know them. First, as we have seen a good bit recently, he says that you can interfere with a robot that is touching the loading zone if it is not completely within the loading zone. This is not true. For safety reasons they decided to not allow any contact with a robot if it is “touching” the loading zone, it doesn’t have to be in it.

Then they came up with some obscure rule that you cannot move your robot once it’s wheels touch the tile during setup. So he must have never seen alignment fixture being used? He says you have to “hover” your robot over the tile, but once it touches down it can’t move. Odd

One interesting thing if you listen, is the use of laser pointers. They say they must be removed before the beginning. So some teams must be using user pointers to aim, like a fixture, then remove them.Good thinking :slight_smile:

The more I think about lazer pointers to aim a mortar robot (a robot that uses driver loads to shoot), the more I like the idea… I’ll have to try that

<G6> During the qualification rounds, the red Alliance has the right to place its Robots on the field last. During the elimination rounds, the higher seeded Alliance has the right to place its Robots on the field last. Once a team has placed its Robot on the field, its position cannot be readjusted prior to the match. Robots must be placed on the field promptly. A Team that violates his rule will have its robots randomly repositioned by the referees.

I am sure this is the rule being interpreted as set it and leave it alone.

I am sure this is an improper interpretation, but do you know of any official clarification that says so?

Take a look at this thread:

I did a search, the closest I find is Karthik’s answer allowing a powered automated alignment procedure, not to mention allowing alignment jigs.

Very nice, thanks.

So its Karthikalegalish? Or illegal, or what xD

Unless I’m wrong, I believe 1410L was the team using laser pointers