S^3 VEX Gateway Scoring iPhone App

For the past week or so, I’ve been working on my very first application. I downloaded Adobe Flash Professional, and I learned object-oriented programming in order to create it. I aimed for the simplest, easiest to use thing I could think of, and this app is the finished project (for now ;)).


A “brief” explanation of the app itself:

The goals were aimed to be placed in generally the same positions that they are when you watch a VEX Gateway match being played from the audience. Each goal has a red and blue sector for showing the amount of each colored object in that goal, and the circular goals also have two spaces on the left and right edges to show the presence of a doubler or negator barrel.

To add an object to a goal, tap the desired goal to select it. A yellow ring will show up around it to show that the goal is selected. Next, simply tap the desired color object you would like to place in the goal. You may continue adding objects to the goal until you are finished, but make sure that you add the first game object in the goal into the goal in the app first, as the first object of either color will automatically be given the bonus.

To remove an object from a goal, simply tap the small red “-” button in the lower-middle of the screen, it will be selected, and all colored “+1” buttons will be changed to show “-1”, until you tap one of them to remove a single object of that color from the goal. Once you have removed one object from one goal, all buttons will again be switched to “+1”, and the “-” button will be deselected.

The app will not allow you to place any more than 22 objects of each color, and no more than 2 of each doubler/negator. It also will not allow you to place doublers or negators into floor goals.

If you place more than one doubler barrel, or more than one negator barrel into the same goal, the region inside the goal for said special barrel will also display a “2”. Adding/removing doubler and negator barrels should work flawlessly with the app, always displaying the correct score based on what you place where and when.

The score for each alliance is displayed in real-time in the left and right portions of the screen, on the large red/blue rectangles. Also, finally, the circular “refresh” arrow button in the upper-middle of the screen is used to start over with a new match. In order to start over, you must tap the button once to select it, then another time to confirm the refresh. (This is so that you do not accidentally hit the refresh button and lose your current match score.)**

So, you all want the app. First, this is an iOS app, not Android (EDIT: Android version coming soon!). If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, this should work, but it has only been tested on a jailbroken iPod Touch 4th Generation. EDIT: This will only work if you have jailbroken your device and installed AppSync onto it. So, if you do test this out, and find it to work or not work on your device, please make a post and let me know what device you tried to use, and what happened. Thanks!

Finally, the app. I do not have a Developer Licence, so I could not put it up on the App Store. In order to get it, (and again, this has only been tested by myself,) you should be able to just download the .ipa file here. Then, once you’ve downloaded it, double-click on it to open it, and it should add it to iTunes, once iTunes opens. Now, plug your iPhone/iPod Touch into your computer, and allow it to sync with iTunes to install the app. (I had to unplug and plug my iPod Touch into my computer before syncing it with iTunes would actually install the app, so if it doesn’t work the first time, you may want to try that.)

Please let me know if it works, or if you have any problems! Also, feel very free to add complaints/comments, things you would like to see me add, or anything of that nature. Thank you all!


I downloader it and istalled it to iTunes but when I tried to sync my ipod I got this message.

The app “Gateway Score” was not installed on the iPod “Your iPod Touch” because it is not compatible with this iPod.

I have an iPod touch 2nd generation on 4.2.1 (current for 2 gen)
I also deleted and redownloaded the app to make sure it would work.

You need to be sure that you are jailbroken and that you have AppSync installed on your iPod/iPhone.

Could you please release this a .deb file to make it less work to install?

Also, I am not sure as to the legality of this. It may be deemed illegal to circumvent Apple’s protections by adding this app onto your iDevice.

Ah, yes. You are right. In order to get this onto your device you must first jailbreak it, and install AppSync for you to be able to install apps which are not in the App Store.

I’ll look into this in the morning.

It is and has been legal for some time to jailbreak your iDevices and install non-App Store apps onto it. http://money.cnn.com/2010/07/26/technology/iphone_jailbreaking/index.html

Thank you both for your posts! :slight_smile:

Any chance you’ll be making an Android version?

Working on that right now. I should be finished with it in a day or so.


There’s an android app (but of a different design and not made by Jordan) which was announced here if you want to try that one out.

However I too am interested to see Jordan’s design :slight_smile: can’t wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh ok. Not sure how I missed that. Thanks!

I tried Nathan’s on my phone and it works well, and based on the screenshot, Jordan’s looks great as well.

Okay, so I just finished the Android version. I was wondering if I should make another thread or not… . I shouldn’t have named the thread using iPhone, I guess. The Android application works exactly the same way, but I don’t want people to not come here because it says “iPhone app”… . :stuck_out_tongue: Maybe I should just make a new thread and link to it here.

EDIT: Android App has been posted! Click here!


I found a bug in the original version of the iPhone app, in which the “reset” button did not clear goals of doubler and negator barrels. This problem was fixed before the Android version came out, but I recently updated the iPhone version to work as well. Download the latest version here.


Hello all:

Once again, I found a bug. (Come on guys, you’re supposed to be my debugging team! ;)) This time I noticed that the Reset button did not reset the graphic “2” for multiple Doubler Barrels or multiple Negator Barrels in a single goal. This update fixes that. Sorry for getting to this so late!

Here’s the link to download the new version: http://www.mediafire.com/?7u9v16c1x5dvr8x

By the way, if you notice a problem with this, you better hurry and let me know. My free 30-day trial of Adobe Flash Professional expires today!



I am surprised at the amount of scoring apps available for this season; nevertheless, I do believe this is probably the best application available right now due to its easy, simple, and no-leaving-the-main-screen interface.