S.H.I.R.T.'s FVC best shirt contest

Okay here is the deal, my team and I have decided to host a best shirt contest during the FVC world tournament at the Georgia Dome. There will be a first second and third prize to the teams with the best shirts. All you have to do is come by our table and we will take a photo of your shirt. From there we will rank shirts basd on a list of things and the winners will be posted at our table after the start of the elimination rounds. There’s just one problem we dont know what the prizes should be. Plz post some good possible prize ideas. Later I will post the prize we have decided on.

random parts from vexlabs?

you could also make custom type trophies to give to the teams

sounds to me like a good idea =]

You could give out free copies of Crystal set 61. :slight_smile:

Or maybe some of that slotted angle iron that comes in the starter kit. :slight_smile:


I am asking everyone to tell other teams about the contest because i dont think every team is on this website

More seriously - You could give away one of the cool Triton 2 smart battery chargers ($125).

because every team has that kind of money to give out. I was thinking more along the lines of metal parts or even a pair (each set comes with 4) of extension cables for second and third prize and something like a power pack or something a bit more expensive for first prize.

be creative, dont give out vex parts teams have enough of them already. maybe give away a s.h.i.r.t. shirt.
by the way what does shirt stand for… stephenson high … robotics team??

I don’t know about you, but we don’t have enough VEX parts. ok, maybe we do, but we could never have enough. Give us some more wheels that everyone has surplus of if you want, we will find some way to use them.

I would say that one prize could be a dremel kit pretty useful for cutting VEX parts. Another could be a storage container. Then I can’t thin of anything else. It doesn’t have to be expensive it’s the idea that counts. Make sure to make signs to ost on the walls in Atlanta. If you want help with funding PM me.

I would get away from anything that costs more than a small amount of money. Someone else already said something like, “It is the thought that counts.”

I would suggest you use Vex parts to make some sort of trophies/awards. This is in keeping with the Vex theme, and it will allow your team to show off your creativity. It would also be a meaningfull gift for the winning teams. Use locktite, so they will be less inclined to take the trophy apart and salvage the parts.

thats a good idea, but
I would take it apart!:smiley:

I have alot of ideas but little money so it may be somthing on the lines of some vex parts or a special part that we customized ourselves. I like the idea of giving a S.H.I.R.T. shirt. (by the way it sands for Stephenson High Innovative Robotics Team). But whatever the prize may be I would like everyone to participate. And we will probably go up a little early or the night before to post signs ( which was somthing else I had not thought of.) Well keep posting ideas and I will take them all into account.
(I will probably use permanent locktite now that you told me that you would scarp it for parts. but on the other hand you could do what you want with it. It could be a detachable trrophy so you have the option of using it for parts.)

If you post signs get approval first from FIRST to allow it. You never know what could they could do.

Personally I like this idea because it is a really cool charger.

OK. I have a really last minute question. I am a member of both FVC team 3314 the Sanford Robo-Warriors and FRC team 365 MOE. My FRC team did qualify to go to nationals but the FVC team got second place and so barely did not qualify. However, as both myself and another member of MOE will be attending nationals would it be okay to enter our shirt design on behalf of our VEX team? We are very proud of the design as it was hand drawn by a member of our team.

tomorrow The S.H.I.R.T. contest will be held at our table 3675 every team can participate even away teams. but each team is only allowed 1 shirt

So who won?