Sabatoge tactics & Legality

I was told the other day that you were allowed to knock over cubes stacked in the unprotected scoring zone directly with your robot. I read the rules earlier this year, and from what I remember, this is completely illegal. It is possible that the rules have been changed. Can someone help clarify this for me?

Side note, are you allowed to knock down stacks in the protected zones indirectly?

You are not at all allowed to knock down any scored stacks legally in any way.


Here’s a link to the current game manual, which is the only source for rules (besides clarifications in the official Q&A). If rules change, it happens in a game manual update, never without announcement:

In the game SG3 still applies, so no, neither directly nor indirectly.


Thanks for the help! I guess that makes cube catapults illegal :frowning:

Given cube weight, hard material, and sharp corners - idea of the cube catapult violates <G3> Use common sense rule right out of the gate.

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