Sabotaging at Events

Within NATM event, we have noticed many occurances of sabotaging. I’m not sure of the reasons for these types of behaviors, but it likely has to do with the sheer density of competitive teams. Anyways, within the event we have heard 2 occurances where there are teams who leave their robot for some time and come back with a motor plug barely plugged in. The first team went into a match and lost because of someone’s unethical behavior, but luckily the second team noticed during practice matches. Hearing things like this brings forth habits that teams should develop to ensure these types of things don’t happen to them. If you have more to add on, reply below:

  1. One team member must be with the robot at ALL times
  2. Practice match after 1-2 matches
  3. Turn on and run robot at 5-10 minutes before every match
  4. Check the wire connections, rubber bands, chains, and anything that someone can probably modify on your robot.
  5. Organize your table to ensure that nothing gets stolen.
  6. Never leave your robot and equipment at a competition when you leave the competition for the night, in similarity of 1.
  7. Maintain good relationships with teams. The more you’re kind, the higher chance someone will not sabotage your robot because they dont want to be caught and confronted by a friendly team who is now mad at him/them.

assuming that these aren’t just speculations, (sometimes when you lose it’s easier to blame it on a sabotaged robot or a stolen part than it is to accept what happened)
then it’s sad that teams stoop to such lows at this event. I guess just keep someone with the robot at all times. you shouldn’t have to guard your robot constantly when all you should be doing is having fun at a competitive event, but it’s better than having your motors unplugged.

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Hey as a ref and volunteer at NATM could you let me know if you catch teams doing this? I want to make this immediately known to the head ref, other refs, and event staff.


Sure will! We are unsure of who did these types of actions, but considering the event being repeated twice within the day I am near certain that these actions do exist. By the way, I’ve been seeing teams leaving their robots unattended which is very unsafe. For example, ive seen a team (not providing name) who left their robot unattended for 20-30 minutes straight in the queueing.

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