Sack attack automonous program

Anyone have a basic program for easyC cortex for automonous?

Here is the most basic autonomous program. It runs two motors for a second then stops them.
simple autonomous.jpg

We can write the program, but where do we put the stoppers to let the clawbox know run the program? Also, will the program run when we turn the robot on?

If you use the Competition Template, the robot adjusts to the autonomous during autonomous period and operator control during operator control.

If you use a standalone template (vexNet disabled or enabled), the program will run immediately after turning the robot on.

Does anyone have instructions of how to use Vex Programming Module.

Do you just mean

because it is more of a download cable than anything else. You plug the RJ14 (phone cable ethernet cable looking one) in both the module and the brain of the robot. Then plug the male male usb into both the computer and the module.

Thanks!!! Do you know where the autonomous files are located on the vex website.

The Autonomous is part of the Programming Template, which is included with your Programming Platform, that would be EasyC or RobotC. There is nothing to download…

The Templates are an easy Starting Point for making a program for your Robot. You don’t have to use them, you can write all the parts needed yourself…

Are you are Building a Clawbot® for a Vex Competition??? Maybe we can give you better advice and direction by knowing what you are trying to accomplish.

I heard somewhere that in programming, you can put in something like a “Blank code box” or something, so you can set it to record your autonomous mode when you drive. is there anything like that?

There was talk of trying to program a block like this (in an old thread–I don’t remember its title though). However, there is no reliable way to read/write to flash memory from a user program. Thus, this block does not exist.

Aw. that’s lame. this would make things sooo much easier. No more downloading and re-downloading to test auto.

Is there a a YouTube video that displays all the steps to programming the vex robot.

I haven’t seen or heard of one, but it would be quite easy to make one.

Were you having difficulty connecting the Robot to the Computer, or starting the Downloading process??