Sack Attack Autonomous Modes

I saw this thread, from early in the season, about plans for autonomous:
Now that everyone has had some time to start working on their robots, what have you done (or will you do) for autonomous? How will you do it? What sensors are you using?

I’ll start:
My team, 5485 plans to use 2 encoders and a gyro on the drivetrain, and a potentiometer on the arm. We will use PID control for the encoders and the gyro (I’ve already written the gyro code.) and P control for the arm (Also done.) We plan on picking up 3 of the sacks under the trough, including the bonus sack, and dumping them in the trough. Then, time allowing, we will pick up 4 of the sacks in the 5-sack pyramid and dump those into the trough.

Well, knowing what I know now, I would drop a sack on the starting tile and then block 3 of the sacks under the trough, including the bonus sack. I would also block 4 of the sacks in the 5-sack pyramid. I will use no PID…just drive backwards for a couple of seconds. Does anyone else have any complex sequences I could block with a basic, 10 line autonomous code?
See you at Worlds…:slight_smile:

right … for autonomous, we have 4 autonomous routines, sensors on our robot … 2 ose on drive, 2 pot on arm … 2 limit on arm, then 6 bumbers.

  • the speaker (not really a sensor) …
  • we have filled our digital ports, and have 4 spair analog ports

but with autonomous routines, most of them consist of the robot going for the bonus sack the for the trough with the pre-load

after that they tend to vary, but one of them consists of intaking the “Pile” and going to the trough …

looking forward to hearing plans of other teams