Sack Attack: Descorer

I saw a thread on intakes, so I decided to make a thread on descorers. Post your ideas on what you think might work to descore sacks well.

I think that some of the “Top Roller” intake robots will be able to use there “Scoring Method” to “Descore”. I have seen it done already at competitions.

Our top roller intake can descore into itself the same way it picks sacks up. :smiley:

Maybe some robots will focus on descoring. They would move fast and be able to descore goals in a second.

If someone did want an all descoring robot, maybe they could add something that would descore into their robot, then they go and dump the “Descored” sacks into their own troughs? Just a though.

Such a bot had better be able to pick up at least a couple sacks from the ground if it needs to, otherwise it would be unable to beat an opponent that can’t score…

…unless they just pushed the sacks onto one of their alliance tiles. :wink:

But I agree with you, Being able to pick up at least a couple of sacks would be far better. Better score, and in some ways, also easier (less sacks needed since the score for each sack in a trough is far higher than for each sack on a tile).