Sack Attack in Nebraska

Hi all,

First, of all, anyone on the forums in Nebraska or who regularly competes in Nebraska (3018) feel free to say so here. Everyone else please comment too. Not sure how many are here.

Second, I’m starting this thread as a discussion about Nebraska tournaments. We have a good number (14+?) this year. VEX has really grown over the past five years thanks in a HUGE part to the CREATE Foundation. Nationals has been a great event in Omaha for five years. The total number of teams is well over 100 now.

Last week, we had the first day of the Nebraska League. This Saturday will have two events: A skills challenge at Mary Our Queen and a full tournament at Papillion-La Vista High School. Should be some great events which will get better as the year moves on.

We are planning on going and helping with the Papillion tournament but not competing. I’m excited to see all the robots this year.


Awesome! See you guys there.