Sack Attack in New England

Well today the Trinity HS Granite State VRC Tournament was hosted and 43 teams attended in total!

This is our 2nd competition and here are some of the scores that were reached today by 4886a and in some pictures with our alliance partner 2625a who we won the event with.

We started the competition in match 1 with an ending score of 210, shown here

Then after going undefeated in the qualification rounds we were able to rack up a score of 255 in the quarter finals! The troughs were so full!

Then for a semi finals match and finals match 3 we got 200 and on finals match 2 we got 180-1 (sadly I didn’t get a picture :confused: )


Will there be video of the event?


There will be video coming out in mid December.


Those were some incredible matches. It was a good time working with Aperture.

Congrats again on winning 4886a, 2625a and 78b! It was tough having to go against 4886a in the finals two weeks in a row! I almost cried when i looked on the match list and saw that our first qualification match was against 4886a and 2625a ahah :smiley: See you guys again at future competitions!


I’ll see you at Pinkerton!! Who knows who we will pick next time. :wink:


Or who you will be picked by :wink:

I’ll be impressed if you get that protobot on steroids working even better :stuck_out_tongue: Good luck!