Sack Attack: Intake

Sacks are hard objects to intake. They have a larger contact surface area with the field unlike previous year games like balls and barrels in Gateway. What type of intake do you think would be the most common type of intake would we find this year?

Well if people decide to ruin the fun again and have everyone use the same intake, there will be a common one. Otherwise, I see no reason for there to be. :slight_smile:

I really dislike when people see a robot that works, then they decide to “copy” that robot. Robotics is really boring if you just copy someone elses robot. Your team needs to figure out your strategy, what you want to be able to do etc. Then you base your robot off your strategy’s. If you have about the same designs like other teams that is ok because you didn’t just “copy” them. Besides, great minds think alike (-Ernest Hemingway) right?

I know I don’t like it when other teams copy designs!:wink:

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Even if teams have about the same design, they wont have EXACTLY the same design. It may have the same type of structure but everyone will have different building strategies and mechanisms that make them utterly different.

Can we PLEASE stop making these kinds of threads? :frowning:

Yes please. You have 5 months. Try building something yourself before you beg to be shown the best design so you can copy it.

Wow. only five months. I better get going…

If you don’t find them interesting, don’t read them, the rest of us like to know what everyone else’s Philosophy on the game is, and find them much more interesting than threads about broken cortices and cheap Gucci clothing :p. On topic, it seems to be important to have a way to make the sacks move up and down your intake other than gravity, as the objects this year are heavier, and have more friction than last year.

This is kind of off topic but, I’m glad someone else thinks its cortecies, a lot of my team members seem to think it should be corti

“cor·tex [kawr-teks] Show IPA
noun, plural cor·ti·ces -tuh-seez] Show IPA.”
Don’t argue with English, no matter how stupid it may seem XD

Corti? Honestly, i’ve never said the plural of cortex before…but i probably would have said cortexes. Now looking back though it is just like vertex vs. vertices

that’s how I always thought of it

I thought cortex was its own plural. kind of like moose

I was thinking that using the prototype intake by team 1622 on youtube might be a good choice for this year’s game if you are a mega hoarder like my robot.

Some of us have less than a week now… .


I stand by my point.

Nothing wrong with the poll. You don’t have to design your robot according to th poll results.

Rollers placed on in front of the other picking the sacks upwards