Sack Attack Name Change?

People have hinted at it elsewhere, so I figured there might as well be a thread for it…

Do you people think the name “Sack Attack” should be changed?

I can just imagine someone trying to remember the name of the challenge and Googling it…

…and NOT finding what they wanted-- at all. :wink:

I realize the game has been out for a few weeks so this may be a little late, but it’s better now than in September…

Some alternate ideas my team has come up with are:

  1. Pillow Fight
  2. Sack Race
  3. Bag Toss

(I know they’re not great, but they’re hard to come up with, and at least they don’t really have vulgar alternate meanings…)



Of all the ones I’ve heard I’m going with Bean Bag Blitz as a suggestion.

Sack Grab (team member’s idea)

that is almost worse. I like that there is a name that we can have fun with but be completely serious about at the same time.

Although it would never happen, I think Bridge Battle 2.0 is a more fitting name.

Perhaps, if you’re bent on a name change, it should be a title related to something other than the sacks, like “Trough Tussle.”

I like this name much better

i prefer sack adjust, but whatever works

I think the name of the game objects (sacks) has more potential for immaturity than anything else, although changing the name would be more trouble than it’s worth at this point. Just chill out and enjoy the game. Although if the name were changed, I would suggest bean bag blitz or bag battle.

I also think that people need to be mature about the name of the game. Just look over it and just call them bean bags.

I think that anyone who has already gotten interested in VEX isn’t majorly irked by the name. The problem is using the name to generate interest in new members and in the community.

Gateway and Clean Sweep had the best names, in my opinion, because they make solid references to important (but not obvious) aspects of the game. Elevation sounded cool, but unless I’m missing something, did not have too much specificity toward the game (getting on the platform maybe?) Round Up doesn’t sound extremely cool, and the reference to round (the rings) and to “rounding up” the rings, wasn’t exactly game specific either, but it was a pretty solid name.

So in Sack Attack:
Distinguishing characteristics:
-sacks (bean bags?)
-high goal?
-fitting under the trough
-lots of sacks
-neutral game objects
-colored goals

Any ideas?

I wouldn’t worry about street references to the name of the game. As the game becomes more ubiquitous, the street definition will fade into relative obscurity.

If I had been on the naming committee, I would’ve nominated something like “Bag Grab”.

Right, but it will only be relatively ubiquitous for the VEX teams that actually play the game, for anyone else, “Sack Attack” is completely new. This again brings up the problem of trying to generate new interest and creating a name for VEX in the STEM community.

This only sounds worse. I guess it doesn’t matter what the name of the game is if we act mature about it. Either way, the chuckle provided by the name every now and then isn’t negative in any way and these sacks seem like the most interesting game object in any VEX game, ever.

The name “elevation” refers to the elevation of the cubes in each of the pyramids. The highest elevated cube in each triangle prism would receive the bonus. Generally cubes that ended up not too highly elevated would be worth less, like cubes scored in the floor goal as well as cubes not worth a bonus. Also, the platform thing.

It’s actually an all-encompassing name.

Oh okay, I kind of see that now. I knew about the highest cube bonus points, but not having played Elevation myself, I didn’t pick up on the subtlety of that x.x

As just a name, Sack Attack is something everyone will get used to. I remember the week getting back from Worlds, we had our fun with the name – now it’s not so much of a problem. The best option for us (“the future”!) is to handle this maturely and work under the circumstances provided. Complaining will not help. Immaturity will not help. Let’s show that we can make Sack Attack the best VEX game yet.

I guess you could say you are attacking the other team’s sack in their troughs.

That was my mistake, and I apologize for it. Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to restore that missing thread yet.

I really like the name “Sack Attack” just because our team already jokes about it a lot ;). I think at one point we thought a perfect team name would be the “Family Jewel Thieves”.

But yeah, I guess it requires a decent amount of maturity, although I’m not annoyed by it really.

Well once we announed at our school we would be playing “Sack Attack” our ENTIRE school started laughing. The only thing that may put the name down on our list is how we are trying to get a girls team started, and this may be a buffer.