Sack Attack Name Change?

Vex’s target audience consists of teenage boys and girls, the immaturity level is very high. A name like Sack Attack is very… interesting… I googled Sack Attack and forgot to add Vex Robotics at the end and a dictionary definition came up, no comment on that.

Why not Bag Battle, Container Conflict, or Trough Trouble?

hmm, i know this is a big ting to ask, but what about getting your fellow friend 575 to animate a “proper” game animation over the summer breaks or something?

even though i know it is ALOT of work, it would benefit the community and rookie teams that are “on the fence”

think about it this way:
he will get lots of youtube hits :slight_smile:
he will be more “known”
who knows, maybe VEX may even seek for his skills for future animations :slight_smile:

for most schools, robotics and member recruiting doesnt happen until early fall, which is plenty of time for such a project :slight_smile:

Personally I don’t have a major issue with the name, but I think when you’re trying to ask a group of 20ish 13-15 year olds to take it seriously it is a bit of an issue, as I’ve found so far :confused:
Alternatives that i have heard proposed were

Pouch Pile
Trough Trouble
Bag Battle
Hackey Smack

I have no issue with the name at all, but if I had to make up my own name for it it’d be “Sackdown!!”

The two exclamation points are important.

Thanks for the shoutout. I agree that the Sack Attack animation isn’t as exciting or flashy as those from years past, but it’s clear and does a good job of explaining the game. I can’t speak for others, but I know that I joined robotics two years ago without seeing the Round Up animation, so I don’t think it will have a huge impact on whether or not new members sign up.

Making animations is really fun but I’d rather not conflict with official VEX business. That would probably hurt my chances of being hired more than remaking the animation could ever help. I don’t really want to be a big YouTube star anyway. That being said, if VEX has a contract for me, I’m certainly listening.

If anyone wants to use a video to recruit new members but doesn’t want to use the Sack Attack animation, I suggest browsing the entries from the Promote Video online challenge. That is what they’re for, after all.

Oh, by the way, I came up with a cool robot design for this year. I’ll send you a PM.

I believe the individual who animated Sack Attack also does the videos for the FRC. The First animation I saw looks very simular.

Yes, I agree. But I like VEX’s previous animators better. The Gateway and Round Up animations showed VEX Robots playing the game, and Round Up had a flying robot. :smiley: This year, the robots and drivers looked very strange…

Dave Lavery. He’s a pretty cool guy.

Have you seen any of the FRC animations? They fully explain the game and everything but it is still funny to see the same robots with human hands, eyes and emotions for almost every game :smiley:

I feel like this thread: should be re-opened, if just the poll. I believe the purpose was to compile all of the ideas presented in the other threads and form a poll to see what the consensus is.

I agree. This thread only provides a yes or no answer. However, for those in favor of not changing the name, Sack Attack should be an option on the closed poll.

Plus I don’t think my teammate Spartin enjoys having his thread closed… :frowning:

haha… i think our school would do the exact same thing!

very very true! and i dont plan on searching it… get stuff of the vex wiki instead!

sack attack is going to promote some interesting robot names!!! ive got a few good ideas for mine already…

I’m sure the judges will be very impressed.

Thank you for causing me to spit orange juice all over my laptop. MCing will be loads of fun this year.

they might be… then again they might think some people are crazy…

ya it will be!