Sack Attack Q&A - Opening May 15th


The VEX Sack Attack Q&A will be opening on Tuesday May 15th. We’ve decided to keep the forum closed until that point to allow all teams adequate time to digest the rules and answer their own questions.

It’s so far away!!! :open_mouth: I guess its good to compound questions though :slight_smile:

  • Andrew

But 80% of the questions will still be answerable with the rules…

We love you Karthik for putting up with us :slight_smile:

I cannot imagine the number of times you’ve wanted to say “RTFM”, Karthik. Thank you indeed for putting up with us. I don’t think there will be as many questions this year though, as I find the manual to be much more precisely and clearly written.

Yes, and the Sack Attack rules are simpler than the Gateway ones to begin with. I imagine a lot more Q&A questions are going to be more situation-specific, like “would this incident video be considered trapping?” or “would this object picture be considered scored?”

I bet you’re looking forward to all of those, Karthik. :wink:

Scoring is easy. If it breaks the plane, without being supported by a robot, then it counts. I love the simplicity.

The floor goals will be the ones that are hard to score for the volunteers.

Personally I’m sligtly worried that the “supported by a robot” clause could make things difficult to score. I guess it might be possible to actually remove the robots before scoring but ideally scoring shouldn’t involve disturbing the field.

Again I say, it’s going to require removing the Robots from the field. That’s just how it’s going to have to work with the way the rules are written. Have you built/planned anything for this year’s game and played a practice match yet? It’s a mess trying to score the game because with robots half draped over the troughs, you don’t know how things will shift once they come out.

An excellent thing to clear up on May 15th :slight_smile:

No, we haven’t been using Sack Attack fields yet. There are a bunch of them in the country already but New Zealand has a mini-season that goes from the end of Nationals to the end of Worlds where mostly new teams play a game using a classroom lab kit. This ends on May 12 after which Kiwibots will start distributing Sack Attack fields.

I would really rather scoring didn’t involve removing robots. There will be situations where removing a robot gently will result in a different score to removing it quickly, and how are you meant to score in those cases? Ideally the robot should be removed without exerting any friction on the sacks, which is impossible. Besides, “would fall down if the stack underwent catastrophic collapse” is a different category from “is supported by the stack”.

And if you have sacks on top of sacks so that you aren’t sure which ones are touching gray tiles, you are going to have to remove some to see underneath. If you do this then how do you double score?

What worries me about Sack Attack scoring isn’t that it will take a long time or anything, because it probably won’t, it’s that after scoring the field might not be in its original state meaning it might be impossible to go back and check for mistakes.

The problem with removing robots before scoring is that there are people on the field. There will no doubt be robots in the middle of the field going for the high goal that, in order to retrieve, will mean physically getting on the field.

Also, it will lengthen the whole scoring process because there will first be a robot removal stage and then a scoring stage, whereas before the score counters could start counting right when the match ended. Add another minute to the field reset time for that (the extra time because of the short matches already goes away in autonomous scoring).

I like that there are so many objects from a gameplay viewpoint, but in terms of scoring it’s kind of a nightmare.

But this is why the Q&A is opening in 10 days.

The official Sack Attack Q&A forum is now open, one day early. Official responses will begin to be posted tomorrow, May 15th.

Just a few more hours and the flood gates will open.
I hope you are ready VEX Game Designers!