Sack Attack Q&A

I didn’t see a forum for this yet, so I am just posting in the general forum.

  1. How much space is there from the top of the field tiles, to the bottom of the troughs.

  2. From my understanding, you can re position your robot to score in autonomous? i.e. I can pre-load one object into my robot, then aim the robot at the trough.

  3. Can I match load once autonomous starts? Is there a limit to the amount of match loads I can put in at once.

  4. Parking just means I have to be touching the starting tile correct?

  5. Does the parking bonus count in autonomous?

Thank you!

There is a Sack Attack Q&A but it is currently a locked forum.

  1. Page 9-10 of the field drawings should answer this question.

15.027 inches.

The rest I would wait for official Q&A

  • Andrew

I don’t think so. You already have an opportunity for scoring bonus points in autonomous (scoring the most points), I don’t see why it would be necessary. I believe the parking bonus is only for Driver-Controlled time period. Although I hadn’t even thought of this question and I am curious to find out the official answer.

It could help you win the autonomous bonus though. Never know :wink:

Another question.

  1. For the parking bonus, does each robot that touches their alliance starting tile get a 10 point bonus? Or just 10 points if a robot is touching their alliance starting tile.

That is true…

According to the VEX wiki the team with the most robots ‘parked’ gets a 10 point bonus. However, this raises another question for me; does this mean both alliances can get the parking bonus?

Referencing the official Sack Attack app’s Score Calculator:
If both robots are parked, it is still just ten points.
If each alliance has the same number parked, nobody will receive the bonus.

I should probably get that app…

15 Seconds!

1:45! Why would vex be shorting the driving and autonomous periods? If anything Vex should raise the amount of time for the autonomous period for an incentive to make great autonomous programs.

I agree and disagree. Lengthening the autonomous portion will make it more challenging which is good! It can help distinguish the difference between the good teams and the REALLY good teams. It would also require better autonomous programs which will make the events that much more intense. But interacting with other robots is really important too. The skill of the driver is important AND you can still have amazing programs for the driving portion as well. Not to mention how difficult it would be for beginning teams to start participating in VEX competitions, VEX is really starting to expand.

You’re welcome.
Yes, it is quite nice.

I have read the rules for sack attack and still have one question. Can you take a sack out of the other alliances trough

Yes. Descoring is legal

Yes it is legal to descore this year. YES!!!

I was also disappointed that the driver control, and the autonomous period were shortened. I was hoping for a 30 sec autonomous this year once I saw the new game.

Oh well.

Hey does anybody know what would happen if a sack is partially within both the red and blue trough, or partially within both the red and blue high goal? I have searched the manual and I couldn’t find any rule stating what would happen if a sack is partially within two goals. Would it not be considered scored, like the 20" goals in gateway? It is my understanding that it would be scored twice although that could lead to more conflicts. I see a update in the manual coming…

I am kind of guessing it will result in a “no score”. Just like if a ball/barrel was stuck in between the 2 20" goals. I am guessing it will not count.

Never know though. It’s a new game!

getting a bag perched on that plexiglass shield between the two high goals is going to be a tough challenge, i don’t think we have to worry about that being scored in both.

As to the previous complaint about the shortened time, I’m with you on that but i figure they are hoping to get more teams involved which either means more days of competition or shorter matches. For those of us who love to program, we still have programming skills which surprisingly few teams even try in the first place.

For people who decry this game, I think it’s a great game, i especially like that to go under the troughs robots are actually going to have to build smaller robots, but that shorter size isn’t a design constraint for everyone. All in all this game is going to lead to some pretty fierce battles come worlds, and everyone likes the intense matches.

As much as we all dislike the name, A petition would do nothing. Besides the game is actually very well designed, yes the objectives are simple, but the game does seem very fun.

  1. Design.

This part as in every game is very important, however, There has never been such a scoring element that was so “free forming” this will make it difficult for teams to design due to the non-ridged part of the sacks.

  1. Just because you don’t think its not going to be doesn’t mean the rest of us do. I really like this game no matter how “simple” (I use this phrase lightly) it is. It goes back to the design, so much to learn. :smiley:

Give it a chance. You might like it.