Sack Attack Q&A

Yes it is legal to descore this year. YES!!!

I was also disappointed that the driver control, and the autonomous period were shortened. I was hoping for a 30 sec autonomous this year once I saw the new game.

Oh well.

Hey does anybody know what would happen if a sack is partially within both the red and blue trough, or partially within both the red and blue high goal? I have searched the manual and I couldn’t find any rule stating what would happen if a sack is partially within two goals. Would it not be considered scored, like the 20" goals in gateway? It is my understanding that it would be scored twice although that could lead to more conflicts. I see a update in the manual coming…

I am kind of guessing it will result in a “no score”. Just like if a ball/barrel was stuck in between the 2 20" goals. I am guessing it will not count.

Never know though. It’s a new game!

getting a bag perched on that plexiglass shield between the two high goals is going to be a tough challenge, i don’t think we have to worry about that being scored in both.

As to the previous complaint about the shortened time, I’m with you on that but i figure they are hoping to get more teams involved which either means more days of competition or shorter matches. For those of us who love to program, we still have programming skills which surprisingly few teams even try in the first place.

For people who decry this game, I think it’s a great game, i especially like that to go under the troughs robots are actually going to have to build smaller robots, but that shorter size isn’t a design constraint for everyone. All in all this game is going to lead to some pretty fierce battles come worlds, and everyone likes the intense matches.

As much as we all dislike the name, A petition would do nothing. Besides the game is actually very well designed, yes the objectives are simple, but the game does seem very fun.

  1. Design.

This part as in every game is very important, however, There has never been such a scoring element that was so “free forming” this will make it difficult for teams to design due to the non-ridged part of the sacks.

  1. Just because you don’t think its not going to be doesn’t mean the rest of us do. I really like this game no matter how “simple” (I use this phrase lightly) it is. It goes back to the design, so much to learn. :smiley:

Give it a chance. You might like it.

While I agree the name is a little funny, this game does offer many new challenges and should be very interesting

This game I feel could be the best ever by Worlds. So many things to specialize your robot to do. Such as a free roaming field but you have to sacrifice height or three very different goals. Just the thought of free forming objects that weigh 51 lbs altogether makes this game exciting. The variety of designs will be awesome to see.

Can’t wait to see some videos of some crazy ideas in action playing this really awesome looking game.

I am very exited for this game. There is just so much more that you can do, and more potential for innovative solutions. Can’t wait. Literally can’t wait, so bandito and I started building today…

As for the sacks between goals, I asked at the reveal and the refs have to decide which goal it is more in.

Epicness, I love building, The Chabot, Marc III will be an amazing robot.

I couldn’t agree more. I think that there will be some very innovative designs which will allow getting under the troughs and scoring in high goals. I can’t wait to see some of the things teams will think of. It’s only been three days and I’ve already heard of a few great ideas. I can’t wait to see how things are at worlds next year.

umm, im pretty sure all the “good” robots can do both of those by doing the “new efficiency design”

if you CANT do both of those, then “your doing it wrong” :stuck_out_tongue:

I know I’m repeating other people, but I completely agree. Though round up was pretty amazing… I think this could be the best vex game yet. And I firmly believe that the robots at the next world championship will be the best robots vex ever seen.

True. Though… sadly most of the designs put forth in my club so far have not been able to do both due to the fact that people either forget that it’s only 15 inches or they haven’t cared to get the high goals.

The real question is, SHOULD you score on all the goals?

Honestly, unless you can efficiently score mass quantities of game objects up there, I don’t think so

wait, not sure if im reading correctly,
are you guys saying to ignore the 30" goal?
and focus on the 18" troughs?
(just making it clear)

We got our sacks and trough in today. They stack surprisingly well.

You can make whatever design you want, we won’t be able to stop you. I know one of our sub-teams is doing Trough Only, one is completely stumped, and we’re most of the way done with our design, just need to get parts and prototype.

Just during the match;)

Descoring exists again, so as people learned from Round Up and Clean Sweep the most valuable points are permanent points.

If you can’t descore high, you give your opponents a source of permanent points. All they need to do is score some points where you can’t descore them and then allow the rest of the game to reach equilibrium, and they should win. So I think that at least descoring the high goals is essential.

Scoring in the high goals allows you the flexibility to score wherever your opponents will have the most trouble descoring your sacks, and that’s probably pretty useful.