Sack Attack Robot Reveals

This year has seen a significant increase in Robot Reveals of Robots for Worlds. With hundreds of teams, its a good idea to show off your robot a bit before worlds starts. If you want to post a link to a video or photo of your team. Feel free to use this thread.

I wanted to generate a list of reveals to make it easier for all teams to keep track of teams. Maybe the wiki might be a better place for this post.

10B - Exothermic

12 - ACME

24 - Super Sonic Sparks

188A - Redemption

323z - Cornerstone

675A , 675B , 675D (Georgia)

777b - Dock Robotics

918A Phat Giraffe

1200 - Synatx Error

1241Q - Black Sheeba , 1241X - Firestorm

2915 - Lynfield (New Zealand)

2941 - Oats (New Zealand)

3018 - Techna Pwn Robotics

4080A - Silent Bot Deadly (Texas)

4252A - Pastoral Invasion (Texas)

4886A - Aperture Science (Vermont)

5003 - Roboninja

5327C - Gael Force

5854 - Rebel

6069x - (Nebraska)

7033 (Vermont)

7682 - Wingus & Dingus (New Zealand)

7702 - Talus

9090 - T-VEX (Texas)

NAR - Determination (college division)

(p.s. I am certain I missed a few reveals, so please reply and I will add them to the list)
2915A with their wonderful title.
2941A with their similarly themed and equally wonderful title.
Here is my team’s reveal. We are in the math division. We are from Wisconsin and won three awards at worlds last year.

675A, 675B, and 675D are all RoboDragons from Georgia. Just in case you wanted to add that. :slight_smile:

Thak you for doing this. it is a big help

Techna Pwn Robotics Reveal was released earlier, but not referenced here, so here it is again. Stop by our pits and say “HI”

Team 5854 is the RoboDogs, also from Georgia. This is our first time out to worlds, so we hope to learn a lot!

Great idea for a thread ! … there should be a competition reveal section on the forum …

It’s called robot showcase.

woops … didn’t see that :o

The 7682 reveal link above is from our Asia Pacific reveal in December 2012. Here’s our World Championship reveal. See you all there!