Sack Attack Simulation

At the beginning of spring break, I really wished there was a program that would simulate match play, so that my team could create a great strategy for Gateway. At that time there wasn’t one available, so I started to learn how to program a video game instead of my robot. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to finish this before the World competition.

When Sack Attack was released I believed that the same would apply this year. I made a game for Sack Attack!

I am releasing a free version that will be able to simulate the drivers skills challenge. There is also a full version that simulates match play and drivers skills challenge. Match play operates with four robots controlled by four users with user selectable buttons on the keyboard (this can be changed in the “change keys” option in the settings page). I believe that this is a very powerful tool for any team that wants to be competitive.

If you want the full version, it is available for $5.00. Half the proceeds support Berthoud Robotics, the other half will cover the expenses of this game.
The link to download these games is provided below.

I’m having some trouble running it. It says I don’t have the application files.

wow, thats very interesting!
provided that the game actually works as well as you say…

marketing tip:
make it free, but with ads (like how they do in the app store) (or survey, ect)
im not sure how difficult this would be to impliment

but you would get far greater number of downloads, more feedback, and you will be more “known” :slight_smile:

or you can have a “trial” version that closes every 1 min or something

best of luck to your sales and program!
hope you get lots of constructive feedback :slight_smile:

its not working for me either…

What extraction method do you use? It should work if you use winrar.

I have a lot of restrictions as to what I download, so before I do, I have a few questions:

  1. Does the user design their own robot(s) and programs?
  2. Can users do matchplay over the internet on multiple computers? Could people play matches from long distances?
  3. Can users play matches on multiple computers without internet access, such as with a USB connection?
  4. Could two users play a 1v1 with one computer?
  5. Is there any way to use VEX controllers for this simulator?

We’re excited to see a simulator, so we can practice before we have a working robot and a full field.

My computer says it doesn’t have the right application files. Yes, I am using WinRar.

It worked for me. I have vista with a 32 big G-card. I extracted it and it ran fine. I don’t know what problems your having, but good luck with that.

works well for me although it doesnt resize to my computers aspect ratio

Are you using the free or the full version? Ill just send you the application files.

Is there some way that I can run this on a Mac or is this program PC only?

If not, would you be so kind as to do a YouTube video showing the features of the game?


Wow I really don’t know, you can always try the free version and see what works or not.
This is a great idea, once finals are over (Friday) I’ll do this and post the link here.

Well to be honest it is a work in progress, so mostly no :(.

  1. I tried to make a very generic robot that would be very similar to most, the robot attributes can be changed however (drive speed, arm speed, and object capacity).
  2. I currently don’t know the code to hook up a vex joystick and have Xna game studio (the program I use to make this) support this.

There is some very good things to implement here, I’m still learning and hopefully by the end of summer these things will be available.

ok, how r we going to do that

since the xbox controller is rather similar to the vex one you could just use that for the time being. coding it is pretty simple in XNA

Ya I’m going to implement this, I just have to buy a controller first.

I’ll just PM you the link to download the files.

There is, unfortunately, no PC driver for the VEX joystick, so it is for the time being impossible to code the simulator to interface with a VEX joystick. As you said, using the Xbox controller is a possibility. From my experience, though, the best joystick to use in a VEX setting is a Logitech dual axis joystick or similar. This is because it has a layout identical to that of the VEX joystick, whereas the xbox controller layout is slightly different (one analog stick is up in the corner).

Out of curiosity, how long did it take you guys to make this program? I remember it took me almost a full year to get VirtualVEX where I wanted it, including the time it took to learn the engine. It would be cool for us to get together online and share development experiences :smiley:

I started learning everything April 2, I started programming the sackattack game right after Worlds.

I am using free version, but u can send me the full version :wink: