Sack Attack Videos page

I was going to add some more videos to the Sack Attack Videos wiki page.

However–I noticed that the page is longer than Firefox will render. (I’m using FireFox 16.0.1), and the page shows nothing after the “Robot Skills” heading. Thus, I’m breaking this wiki page into 3 pages:

  1. Sack Attack Match Videos
  2. Sack Attack Robot Skills Videos
  3. Sack Attack Programming Skills Videos

However, this won’t completely resolve the issue, as we are just about out of rendering space for the Match Videos page.

Thus, I am adding another page called Sack Attack Match Videos (Part 2).

EDIT: Never mind–there was an HTML error preventing everything after the Robot Skills heading. I am still going to try to break up the page to make it easier to edit, but I won’t add the “Part 2” page.

If people don’t like this, please discuss it before rolling back the edits–I don’t want to get in an edit war. :wink:


After multiple attempts, I am finding that the wiki rejects my edits do to “loss of session data” and tells me to log out and back in. Doing so does not avert the problem. Clearing all cookies works, but only for one save at a time. I think I’ll just let it be. :slight_smile:

For someone who has less difficulty with the wiki:
The Robot Skills section has the wrong video tags for display. Currently, it says:

== Robot Skills ==
<videoflash> <videoflash>

It should say:

== Robot Skills ==
<videoflash> PfrfRl1QhpA </videoflash>

Making this change will show all the other videos on the page. :slight_smile:

The wiki is also giving me problems…

I will try again.

Update: I’ve split off the Robot Videos (the reveal-style videos) into a new page:

The Original page remains the same, but without the Teams videos.

This split somewhat reduced the size of the page, which makes it easier to edit.