Sack weight

Does anyone know the weight of a single sack? Is there any significant variation between the sacks?

Approximately 0.5 +0.05 pounds.

Scroll down to “VEX Sack Attack - Appendix A (Field Drawings, Specifications & BOM)” if you need any measurements for field and field element specifications in the future.

Thanks for the quick reply!

0.5 pounds. There should be very little variation if any but the game manual notes each sack weighs “approximately 0.5 lbs”.

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There is no variation in the weight of each sack. The only difference is one is yellow (or gold) and one is green. Like mentioned above, the sacks are appx. .5lbs.

Has anyone found a way to make an economical sack? We’re looking at providing support for roughly 8 teams, and don’t want to empty out our wallets for game elements.

  • Sunny G.

Well, i suppose you could just sew them yourself? If your just looking for practice sacks you can make them out of duct cloth and some kind of filler. Here was my inspiration.
Now cornhole bags are a little too large (6" instead of 5.5") and they weigh too much (1lb instead of .5lb); however, you can easily make them the correct dimensions. I’m not sure what to use for a fill material. Grain feed is too dense. Possibly unpopped popcorn kernels (without butter!) would work? I’m not sure. But I have made a set of these before for cornhole and the duct cloth is extremely durable. To make them it just takes a little time and a good machine.

I suppose it does depends on how many you want. If your looking for more than say 40 total, it’s probably not worth your time making them and you should instead look for a substitute you can purchase.

I would suggest buying one trough and one box of sacks(21 sacks I think) and then work on acquiring other materials to finish the field so you have correct friction for accurate tests and 4 troughs and a lot of sacks for matches.

Try contacting VEX about it, they can probably help you out.

VEX sells official SA bean bags for $2.38 each if you buy 21 at a time. These are official construction, size, and weight.

On the Internet, I found other bean bags of similar (but not identical) construction and weight for $2.15, $2.45, $2.50, $2.99, and $3.13. Why not just buy the official products from VEX? When it comes to testing for a game I wouldn’t risk something “close” when “exact” is the same price.

I didn’t know that! Then I’d like to revise me earlier statement and say I would definitely recommend just buying them for $2.38 instead of making them. The amount saved doesn’t really make up for the amount of work hours it would take and the fact that homemade one’s won’t be exactly the same (In my opinion) unless you wanted fewer than 21

Still though, about how many were you looking at getting Sunny?

Available here:

At least 21, but looking at the arguments here, it appears it’d be better to simply purchase them.

Sunny G.