Sacks and Information Tags

For those who are wondering and have yet to read the field specifications document, the tags on the sacks are meant to be removed prior to use.

For those who wish to check this for themselves, please see page 11 of 29 of the Field Specifications PDF (Sheet 5 of 8 going by the numbering in the document). The paragraph beneath the description of the sacks is what you are after.

Good. I can only imagine the horrors that would ensue should tournament organizers leave them on…

There’s no chance of anyone actually missing that, is there? And if by some accident they do, it would be more than fair to insist the tags are removed prior to competition, right?

Yes, I would expect all referees and tournament organisers to comply with this if it was bought to their attention.

the tags legally have to be there but can be ripped of to use.

Dang, I was hoping there’d be something interesting you could do with the tags, like intaking them with hooks that go through the loop or something. Except, when we were playing with them, the tags could come off pretty easily, so that wouldn’t work too well.

Can you record a video of what happens when you are interacting with the sacks? Our supplies won’t be here for a week, and I’m having trouble designing without knowing how they react.