Sad News

Rest in Peace. Makes Veterans’/Remembrance Day more memorable.

Can we, as a community, establish a holiday to honor his memory?

Someone has to put Stan Lee glasses on their robot as a non-functional decoration at a competition this weekend.

yeah its called Remembrance Day, aka Veterans Day.

Veterans Day was yesterday tho

but it was observed Monday, was it not? All we have to do is remember him when we remember the other soldiers.

It won’t always be observed on Monday. (Or will it?)

You’re forgetting the last part. “When we remember the others.” Says so right there. No matter the day.




Throwing the idea to our coach, but I don’t really see it happening.


what does f mean?

In a specific game, there’s a popup that says “Press ‘F’ to pay respects.” This was screenshotted and became a trend where if people send a message with “F” it represents paying respects.


I think it was CoD Infinite Warfare during the single-player campaign, by the way.

advanced warfare*