Safe Attack Bot.

After seeing the flamethrower bots and paintball bots I got to thinking I sure do have a lot of silly string around. And I haven’t played and practical jokes on my kids in the past couple of weeks. I guess its time to get to tinkering. A MOBILE SILLY STRING CANNON WITH CAMERA it is. Pics and videos to come. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA.:smiley:

That sounds more interesting and fun than those others. Especially since as you said it’s safe:)

wow…i feel really stupid…out of all the contreversy i’ve seen on this forum about the safety of bots the launch stuff or attack stuff i am realy really really really really really surprised no one has thought of silly string

good job reese!

Naaaaaa, silly string would only annoy people. You need something that would scare your opponent away like a flamethrower with a huge flame.

Its a good idea but i don’t think of it as an “Attack” bot.

he is going to scare his kids with it i dont think he want to kill his kids with flame thrower

ha ha ha ha ha

We gotta finish our flamethrower this summer.

I’m really supprised nobody thought of a silly string bot. But here is another thought. For those of you who absolutly have to build the flaming killing machine of death (Yes its a cool name and I won’t sue if you use it) Why not use silly string during your build. Have a better chance of not burning down the house or killing the neighbors. Although they might work for Hi Tech rednecks. A mobile road kill grilling machine. Instead of a George Forman grill you could call it a Larry the Cable Guy Grill.

Who wants to call it Flammenwerferapparaten? (German for Flamethrower Apparatus)

Umm… Silly string or lots of fire… I’d have to go with fire.

Why not have both!

[EDIT] I should add that it is a very bad idea to make a flaming string shooter, but it is important to know that silly string is flammable if you plan to make a string shooter at all. [/EDIT]


  • Dean

That would be sweet. FireString! That would be cool to see.

That would be cool, but potentially hazardous

I find silly string to be funny/annoying not scary. But i guess it might be scary to kids. On another note i would like to see your completed flamethrower.

I don’t consider an aerosol can a flamethrower. If it shoots lighter fluid in a pressurized tank like a squirt gun then it will earn the right to be called a flame thrower.

Hey I love flaming stuff as much as the next guy but I have to agree about a few things.

  1. Spray cans are not safe. If the nozzle turns Slightly it will throw the aim off potentially causing Injury or damage to people or property.
  2. There is no way to lock a Spray can’s nozzle in one position.
  3. without significant clamping force the Can itself can also turn.
  4. You can’t control other people’s Stupidity. Even though you may take a large amount of safety precautions. You have to realize the human factor sucks.