Safety Glasses?

I am from 4221c in Georgia and i have had a question for a long time that has been never answered clearly. In the game Nothing But Net, do people with regular plastic lenses have to where safety glasses over it? I am in middle school and apparently eye glasses do not count, so i have the struggles to have two pairs of glasses on while driving in a match. However, all of the high-school competitions that i have been to, they count eye glasses as safety glasses. So what i am asking is, Who is Right?

You can get safety glasses with your prescription if you want, or wear contacts. I think it should be allowed though, I have been to shooting ranges and they allow you to wear your glasses instead of safety glasses. I don’t know its kind of an iffy rule, I get away with it a lot.

At other competitions (not vex) they have given our team members who wear glasses small plastic protectors that make sure you cant get hit by something on the side of your eye. Vex tournaments here have always just gone with glasses as safety goggles but I think they should move to what I said earlier.

Technically, you’d have to wear specific safety glasses (the rule is they must have side shields). Realistically, I’ve rarely ever seen the requirement for safety glasses enforced, many tournaments do not care at all, and even at worlds last year they didn’t seem to enforce it most of the time, at least in the divisions I watched.