Safety glasses

Would you be able to tell me if we have glasses can we wear them when we are on the field or do we have to wear safety glasses.

Many events will allow you to get away with regular glasses, but regular glasses lack the side shields on actual safety glasses, and are not ideal for replacing safety glasses.


My brother last year wore normal sun glasses. Though not as safe, this is a rule that is not enforced too often.

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According to the tournament rules safety glasses must have side shields. We personally require everyone on our team to wear them but all tournaments have different rules. Ask during the drivers meeting at your specifc tournament.

Safety glasses were required at the last MS competition at QCC. This is good news with all the flywheels and loose parts that can go flying. As others have noted, side protection is needed. Also, if you wear glasses, invest in a pair of safety glasses that fit over your glasses. They do exist and probably less expensive than to buy new prescription safety glasses.

Yes, at the event a drive team member had to sit out a match.

“Safety is not a fashion statement!” (anonymous)

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I don’t mind extra caution, but the only time that I feel safety glasses are warranted are when dealing with pneumatics or elastics. There may be other scenarios, but I have yet to see safety glasses truly warranted outside those areas. Of course, we follow all event rules when competing and it doesn’t hurt to be safe.

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QCC2 Blue Roosters and Green Egg alum got whacked by flying parts during summer session. I have gotten smacked in my glasses, scratches to prove it, with Keps nut this season. So, I am a believer of eye protection. In the past, the old radio controllers huge antennas used to whip drivers in the face.

If anything, get into the mindset of competing at Worlds.


Thanks for the story. What I have been fearing all season… Kind of why I don’t play paint ball any more. I got a shot right between the eyes and cracked the safety glasses. That was a long time ago…


The competitions I have been at always require who ever goes up on the stage has to wear safety glasses. My goal was if my team made it to Worlds to bedazzle my safety glasses…sadly my goal wasn’t achieved this season…:frowning:

I’m lucky nothing has exploded in virginia. Most competitions didn’t require safety glasses if you just had Polycarb glasses lenses. They were required at states though.

It is safer to wear polarized glasses, which will help you eliminate most of the direct or reflective glare.

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