Safety with vex

i dont remember if the guide that comes with the starter kit talks about safety but i think it should tell kids not to leave parts out or watch where they stick their fingers cause some pieces of vex are dangerous to kids if they’re not careful wat they do with it
heres two experiences i had around the time i built explorer mini

  1. when getting up out of bed i stepped on an angle bar which i accidentally left out and it hurts like stepping on legos
    2.when fixing something on the chassis around gears when screw came loose i mistakenly left transmitter and modual on and the cat came in the room stepped on motor 2 controll and i got my finger pinched real good

See the Invertor’s Guide, Appendix A

Obvously the “first go round” with plastic Legos did not discourage you . :wink:

Cats have a great sense of Humor (if they are not the focus of the Joke) and less of a sense of “Saftey for Others”.

Yea, getting your fingers in the gears does not feel good at all. I got my finger in one of my gear assemblies and it took off a good chunk of skin. I think I’ll have the scar for awhile. Be Careful.:eek:


Hey, HV,

May I cite this anecdote the next time some chucklehead says it is safe to use the Vex products to create/control flamethrowers, paintball guns, potato cannons, etc.?


But they will just retort. “But I don’t even own a cat”!

Then they’re obviously not a cat person, and you can blame the dog! :wink:

i have only had the kit for less then a year
and i have more scars and bleeding wounds then anyone i have ever met:D
safety is very important, especially when you are working with dremels and razorblades
went tho the hospital once for a razorblade cut to the bone, and dont plan on doing it again:cool:
and yesterday i was working with my dremel, sanding down one of the edges of a fresh cut axle, and slipped, and sanded off at least 4 layers of skin

Hmmmmm, well in the last month I have started making a different genre of stuff so far I have built a dual automatic paintball bot and right now I am building a flamethrower with a fully electronic ignition. Will post picks when done

Please spare us - And if you haven’t blinded yourself yet, go read about the level of investment required to make mechanisms controlled by software and RF signals resonably safe (note that it is currently impossible to confirm that a non-trivial set of software instructions is free from errors).

Just a word to the wise… Don’t be the one of us who proves Darwin correct…


definitely though
i dont mind when others make some cool vex bot with dangerous stuff
i would do it too if i had more money because of the fear of ending up with a saute control module and needin to raise 150$ to build a robot again
even if i did it
1.have bucket of water near by
2.i would definitely not suggest to young users or post pictures
i quote

ya i wanted to make a flamethrower but my dad said i was at risk of blowing up my vex because the flame could get sucked back into the can and boom no more vex

ya ive done that to ive evn cut my self

that ain’t true. There’s no oxygen in the can, so the flame can’t go in there.

Good point. Fire needs oxygen to burn (or explode).:slight_smile:


that wouldnt cause think if the flame kept burning too long it would burn a hole in the can
i read on lighter once that said 30 secs of continous burning is a hazard cause the lighter fluid is already under pressure and could explode
a wd40 can fits this kind of description only bigger so you dad was right to toss the idea

edit 12:07
just realized something else previous use such as greasing a bicycle chain or fixing something rusty as i do it could have excess fuel on outer edges of can making another hazard

do not want to be responsible for a 12 yr old boy ending up in a body cast from harsh burns…
that goes for 11 year olds too… i’ll stick to rubber band shooters.

And be responsible for some kid shooting their eye out?

robotics doesn’t just require the intelligence to build a robot, but also a reason to build it for.

Being cool does not count as a reason.

Id rather spend time building complex mechanisms and good drivetrains rather than tools of destruction