@sagar97 Wiring on Moving Platforms

To wire anything moving, you’ll need to make sure your wires are long enough that they can stay connected for the whole range of motion. In other words, you need a lot of slack. Then you need to make sure that all the wires connected to the platform are connected in one bundle with zip ties or something. this makes sure they are neat and do not get tangled.

use cable ties in between your connections so they dont come loss or disconnect.

I usually make something similar to this:

Just make sure that you check all ranges of movement when you’re done, to make sure nothing is getting damaged or caught

My skyrise robot had to accomplish that.

Our’s looked similar but with a plastic tube holding the wires from the lift.

Here is a video view.

Out of curiousity how are you controlling the motion of your sliders in the sky rise robot(i mean by dc motors or by using the stepper motor). How and when does your robot know to clutch that yellow thing.

@sagar97 That’s not really how VRC works. You are clearly pretty new to Vex, which is OK, but you should do some more research on how Vex robots are built before asking arbitrary questions. A great resource that will sum it up pretty well is the game manual, here: http://content.vexrobotics.com/docs/vrc-starstruck/VRC-2016-17-Starstruck-Game-Manual-061416.pdf

Also take a look at the parts VRC bots are made of:

But I’ll try to sum it up:
-VRC robots are built to play a game redesigned every year, which consists game objects and field elements. These are usually constant in every match.
-VRC Robots must be built according to rules in the game manual such as:
They can only be built out of the Vex Design System found at vexrobotics.com
-There are no stepper motors in the Vex, only DC motors and Servos, which you can learn more about at their website
-Basically, to control motors we use a thing known as encoders which measure rotation and control the motors accordingly
-So that yellow thing was a Skyrise section; a game piece used in the 2015 game, Skyrise. In Skyrise, like most other games, the first 15 seconds at the beginning of the match were programmed, and the robot moves autonomously. As I said earlier, the game objects and field elements usually remain in the exact same position in every match, so it’s not like you have to develop an artificial intelligence that knows what to do based on the field setup.

Hope this helps, and welcome to the Vex community!

@phantom285A thanks for replying and yeah I’m pretty new to vex community. Again thanks for the links.