Sailor Robotics 9920 Worlds Reveal

Sailor Robotics 9920 - Vex Nothing But Net Worlds Reveal - YouTube]
We are team 9920 from Sarasota, Florida. We will be competing in the Math Division. Find us in the pits!
We will gladly answer any of your questions.


Awesome robot! I hope we can have some matches with you at Worlds!

Very cool! Glad we can finally see the LEDs… :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice robot.

@nmg_99 Nice reveal, I like the LEDs! Quick question, are you able to do driver loads cross field?

Thank you everyone for all the kind words. Glad to hear everyone likes the LEDs.

We are not capable of full field shots, as we are a specialized field bot. We make up for this by our drive speed and accuracy. We also focused on making the robot easy to be lifted: weighing in at only 14 pounds. The robot is capable of relaying match loads to our 3/4 field shooting position. Although we hope our alliance partners will be capable of scoring the loads; we are more than capable own and have shown this at our state TSA competition.

Really gave us a run for our money at state! Way to go man, awesome robot and sweet LED’s!


Thank you. Finals was a lot of fun! Best of luck at worlds.

Thank you