Same Modkit Program, different results on different robots.

I am very new to the VEX IQ’s. Had them for about 2 weeks now. I’m having my students do an autonomous challenge with the Clawbot build. They are trying to make the robot drive to a spot. Pick up the block and put it into the hopper. One group it works great. Another group, using the same program, the clawbot drives to spot, squeezes block, then when it goes to lift the block, the claw releases? Any thoughts.
The close commands are: Claw motor - - When Close, Spin to 50 Deg, Broadcast Lift Lift motor - - When Lift, Spin 2.5 Rev, Broadcast Open

If this is the wrong place for this, I apologize. Please point me the right direction.


Thanks for your message. It sounds like you are getting different results because of some differences in the physical robots, but here’s how you may be able to account for that in the program: There are two blocks called “set max power” and “set timeout”. If you’re having problems with the claw releasing, you might want to change the timeout or max power. The timeout affects how long the motor will try to continue if it gets locked up. Max power affects how “hard” the motor will try so if the max power is too low and the timeout is to short the motor could stop trying and then trigger the timeout.

Of course you can also try to tweak the physical robot so it is less prone to locking up (how loose the gears are held etc) or even swap out the motor with a different one as there may be differences in the motors themselves. Let us know if this helps.



Thanks for that, I didn’t see the timeout block. If we use the timeout block, will that stop the program or just the action. We did sort of a bypass routine of getting it to run.
Here is an example:
Motor 3(claw motor) When Go, Spin 50 degrees, Stop. When Go, Wait 1 Sec, broadcast lift.
I have every step of the process running like this. Pairing an action with another script using a wait and a broadcast.
If we run it this way, is this causing any harm to the motors? Is there a better solution?