Same name, different team

I think its legal to have the same name on two different teams, and i know its legal to change your name each season. Its just, “Vicious and Delicious” was come up by my team first (last year), and i was wondering if it was possible for team 2131X to change their name to something else.
The first two screenshots are from this years world rankings.
The second two screenshots are from last years worlds team list.

They COULD, but the main challenge would be getting them to want to change their name.

@Grystrion It just sort of makes my team feel bad that our name is being “taken” :confused:

Wait, my team has to make a change to our name? @Barin

Woops… Completely misread your post

Yes we are changing our name, personally I hate vicious and delicious as my name, but it was what my team voted on. But yes I will be changing it for worlds

I never knew there was more than 1 team with this name. We also have a Michigan VEX IQ team named “Vicious and Delicious”. The mascot for the team is some kind of scary mashup of an angry little chihuahua and a pink frosted cupcake.

I believe Scott Norton and Buff Bagwell came up with the name first, we should really defer to them.

@Adam T Haha we realized that while we were searching up our name during one of our robotics meets

Same name different team makes it pretty hard at competitions.


At Norcal states, we realized - we are team 9378S, Wolfpack Robotics. There was another team there, 9328C wolfpack. I’m sure those refs had a fun time keeping track of who is who. Pure coincidence that our number and name was so similar.